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We want to hear from you!  What are your favorites?  What story could you just not put down?  Did a fic keep you up at night?  Tell us, so that we can share it with the masses!

The Staff uses certain criteria when evaluating potential Picks of the Week, striving to only recommend high quality fics on our site. We encourage you to use the same criteria when deciding whether or not to suggest a fic for a quick rec.

  • Is the story well-researched? 
  • Does the author use proper grammar?
  • Is the story well-edited or is it difficult to read due to grammatical or spelling errors? 
  • Does the story include subject matter that may be offensive to our readers? (This includes, but is not limited to, rape, abuse, self-mutilation, drug or alcohol abuse, etc.) 
**Note** Just because a story may contain potentially-offensive subject matter does not mean it will be automatically rejected.  However, we reserve the right to reject any fic for content to which we believe our followers would object.

Please allow a week's time for our staff to review your submission before we post it to our site.  If after a week your fic has not been posted please contact us at

Thank You,
TwiFicDataBase Staff

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