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Still of the Night by StAngelS

BBella wakes up every night at 2.13am, heart racing, fearful. Can the Doctor cure her or will the arrival of a dark stranger help Bella find peace from her past?

Visions of Our Destiny by ForksPixie

Jasper has been waiting 60 years for Alice's vision of his vampire soul-mate. What happens when she knocks on the Cullen door escorted by the Volturi Guard. Vamp Story /AU

The Feeder by Lindsay520

Bella is captured as Edward's newest "feeder". After weeks of drinking Bella's blood, one night takes a strange and seductive turn, sending Edward's mind spinning in circles.

A Whole Lotta Trouble by jacndaniel

After graduating from college, Bella makes her way to Vegas so she can marry her childhood sweetheart. An unexpected stop lands her in a lazy little town and on Edward's doorstep. Mechanicward meets Sassella ...Hijinx ensue...


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The Mystery of You by DivineInspiration

Official Summary:
Mystery writer Edward Cullen stumbles upon a mystery greater than the ones he writes: Isabella Swan. Life happens as he unravels the mystery. AU/AH. Canon couples. Rated M.

The Mystery of You isn’t your typical romance story. Not many romances feature a woman who seemingly has no past. Or a man so content with isolation and wrapped in the stories he writes that it takes this enigmatic woman barging into his life to make him wake up. When she does enter his life, it’s with a major impact.

She finally looked up and I found myself getting lost in the endlessness of her eyes. My usual way with words escaped me once again and I had no idea what to say to her. My feet carried me the last few steps towards Marie so that we were almost touching.

A wide range of emotions swam in her eyes like they had inside the bar, and I could only decipher a few. There was fear and confusion. I backed away. Determination replaced everything else in her eyes and two seconds later, her right hand was behind my neck, pulling my head down until her lips crashed against mine.

As I’m sure everyone will guess, “Marie” is actually Bella Swan. “Marie” is only able to keep her identity secret for a few chapters. When Edward finds her beaten and unconscious on the side of the road one night, he takes her home with him where they finally talk, albeit briefly. She’s running from something, scared of sharing her secrets with a family and man that take her into their fold. We’re still not sure what those secrets are, but each chapter unravels a new hint of what she’s hiding from. Along the way, we watch Edward and Bella’s relationship grow as they bond over a common love: books. DivineInspiration does a wonderful job of showing this close friendship turn to romance as Edward and Bella find strength and happiness in each other and their common love of literature.

There’s some serious unresolved sexual tension between Edward and Bella, but it is clear that it’s just not time for them to rush to the finish line.

The kiss was a lot chaster than the one we had shared outside the bar a month ago, but it was just as intense because of what had happened since. I was so fucking lost in the girl that it took me a few seconds to even realize that she was pulling away.
She looked down a second after our eyes met. "I… I'm sorry, Edward. I can't… I can't do this. I can't be that to you."

"Be what?" I asked, my brain still trying to catch up on what was happening.
Her lower lip trembled, and she bit down on it as she looked pleadingly at me. My heart clenched, and I took her hand in mine which she surprisingly didn't fight. "I can barely even be a friend to you," she whispered. "I'm too broken. I've got too many secrets, and I'm hiding too much of myself to have anything to offer you."

"Bella…" I sighed sadly, pulling her into my arms. She fought the embrace, but I held her until she relaxed. Because I knew my girl pretty well by now, and even though she fought it at first, she craved the hug as much as I did. I had a feeling she was pretty starved for human touch.

"We've all got secrets, beautiful, just as we're all a little bit broken inside by something," I told her softly, not letting her go. "In my opinion, you've got plenty to offer, and I'll be here until you realize that, too. But I promise you that I won't push you."

The Mystery of You is currently at 23 chapters, and what powerful chapters they are! Even the titles draw you in, anxious to read the updates. The backdrop is a quaint, little town that makes you dream of vacationing among all the beautiful scenery. The whole Cullen clan is included, as friends and family. They all work together through the difficult times and rejoice during the happy moments. DivineInspiration has made each character an individual; realistically flawed but still amazing. The Mystery of You is a true tale of friendship, love, and family with a wonderful mystery hidden inside. I urge you to go read it right away. Trust me; it’s fantastic.

Author’s Interview:

What gave you the idea for this story?
The original idea was Edward’s secluded house at the ocean. It’s roughly based on a house in a small coastal town where I have spent a lot of vacations. It’s a place I go to get away from everything, get some inspiration, recharge my batteries, and write without distractions. So making Edward a writer was a natural choice. The idea grew from there.

Are their any FF authors that inspire you?
Yes, a lot-too many to mention really, because this fandom is filled with amazing authors. If I were to pick some out, I’d say nowforruin for the way she tells a story by cutting to the bone and leaving out all that isn’t necessary. I really admire that, and I try to be as good as it as she is. Shelikesthesound is another who sticks out in my mind because she inspires me to be brave in what I write. She’s also the best writing partner in the world, and we just clicked immediately in our writing.

What was your main inspiration for your lead characters?
Above all I wanted flawed characters, and I think I managed to give them all their own individual flaws. I wanted to show what it can be like to be a writer, what fear can do to a person, and also explore the relationship between love and trust.

What do you think it takes to make a fic special and stand out to a reader?
As a reader you are spoiled in this fandom because of all the amazing stories, so writing something that sticks in the mind of the reader isn’t easy. For me as a reader, a story needs to have a good plot, some good twists, and be told the right way. It also needs to be without the obvious clich├ęs and too many blunders. A story that stands out to me is most of all a story with a certain degree of originality.

What do you find the hardest about writing this story?
I wrote out the whole story before I started posting it. I didn’t start working with betas and pre-readers until it was complete, and I think writing it without any input was the hardest part.

Why do you think people should read this story?
I think people should read it if they want to meet a charming, but flawed Edward who above all just wants to make his mysterious girl smile. The characters are flawed like people out in the real world, and I think that’s the story’s biggest strength. There are some laughs hidden in the story as well, and if I hadn’t written it, it would be one I’d read a lazy Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea.

What cliches do you feel authors should avoid while writing fanfic?
Too many mushroom raviolis, too many shopaholic-Alice’s, and too many perfect Doctor Edward’s have begun to bore me.

Do your RL friends and family know about your love and obsession with all things Twilight?
Some do. And they don’t bat an eyelid because they’re used to me being fascinated by the strangest things.

Have you got any other projects going on? Any planned for the future?
Plenty! I have a story ready to be posted when The Mystery of You ends. It’s called Whisper In My Ear and features a dirty talking Edward who has family issues. Enter Bella and it becomes a real circus. I’ve also just started writing a new story in which Edward is a very traumatized man with a lot to deal with. That one is called Broken Soul River. In addition to that (yes, I know!) I am also busy writing two collaborations with some brilliantly talented writers. One is about ex-army Edward, and the other one is about High School Stutterward.

Do you have anyone that you'd like to thank for helping and supporting you through this fic?
The Mystery of You would be a real mess without my amazing betas, Dinx and nowforruin. They make me a better writer. Lisamichelle17, sherryola, and CitizenCullen25 have also been great supporters right from the beginning. I am eternally grateful to them all.

When you aren't writing which fics are you reading right now?
I am a really fail reader at the moment because I write so many stories at the same time, but I do rush to my inbox every time “Forever is a Promise You Keep” by shelikesthesound, “Roman Candle” by nowforruin, “Always Leads Back to You” by Dinx, and “Sweet Treats and Deadbeats” by CitizenCullen25 update. There are others, but those are the ones that stand out in my mind.

How where you introduced to the fandom? Do you remember which FanFic was your first to read?
I was persuaded by a friend to read Twilight, and after I had finished all four books, I turned to fanfiction. I already knew it existed because I was involved in another fandom years ago. The first story I read was “If Every Word I Said Could Make You Laugh” by carmelinagunn, and just thinking about it makes me smile.

Is there any information that you would like to share that was not already covered?
Just thank you to everyone who reads Mysteryward. Readers make writers smile.

Thank you for reading!
TwiFicDataBase Staff

Sleeves by iamamy

I just discovered "Sleeves" by iamamy the other day and could not put it down.

Edward's a doctor and Jasper's an artist, they're from different backgrounds, living radically different lives, but they meet and can't get enough of each other. Their connection is strong and instantaneous, and these two just can't get enough of each other. Naturally, aside from their emotional connection, the sexin is incredible. iamamy can write a lemon! The last update in particular (chapter 12) had me squirming in my seat from the level of hotness.

I'm really looking forward to what is in store next for these boys, and fortunately iamamy seems to update regularly.

So go give this one a shot, and then come tell me what you think!!

In Love and War by RaindropSoup

Official Summary:
In the midst of war, will blind greed be the greatest weakness? Or blind love? Bonds, families & the vampire race will be strengthened or utterly ruined. All Twilight Chars. Lemons. WARNING: Rape/Sodomy.

In Love and War is one of the more unique mid-New Moon Alternate Universe stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. It picks up exactly one year after the Cullens leave and Bella is in much better emotional shape than when Edward first left. She has friends and family in the Quileutes and is making the choice to move on with her life.

Chapter 1 starts off action-packed at the top of a familiar cliff; though this time Bella jumps as a symbolic fresh start to wash off the pain of heartbreak; not because of a depression-induced hallucination. Of course, this jump doesn’t go any better than the one in New Moon. In fact, I would say that it’s decidedly worse.

Just as I was about to resurface, I saw her and did a double take.

I gasped involuntarily, which was a very bad move on my part; I was now choking on water.

Oh God, it really is her.


She was smiling wickedly and in front of me in a second. She roughly grabbed my arms. I tried to scream, but only choked more.

Dear God, my lungs are burning.

Victoria started swimming as she pulled me along. Almost instantly, I felt her pounding the shit out of my back. I was coughing up a lung and more water than I thought possible.

Then I wondered what she was doing and I looked at her questioningly. Did she really just save me?

She explained herself. "That's right; you're not dying on me. Not yet. I have so much planned for you, and I will get to play with you first. I've been waiting a while, and I intend to savor all of our time together."

Naturally the Quileutes want to immediately go to Bella’s rescue. However, they are stopped by an unlikely ally: the Volturi. We learn that there is a secret pact - more significant and more enduring than that between Carlisle Cullen and Ephraim Black - between the Quileutes and the Volturi. I won’t give details of the pact, but I will promise that the details of the how’s and why’s and who’s are quite surprising.

You’re probably wondering about that whole “Bella learns that Edward is not her mate” bit in the summary. You’re probably wondering if not Edward, then who?? Well, if you’ve checked the database or have looked at the story info on FFn, you already know the answer to that question. It’s Caius. That’s right - Caius. As in Caius of the Volturi; 3,000 year old vampire royalty.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

Honestly, I was a little off-put by the idea of a Bella/Caius pairing at first myself. RaindropSoup weaves such a distinctly different tale from the source material that it is relatively easy to get on board with this pairing. Especially when Caius experiences the unmistakable pull of one’s mate.

It was Isabella's eyes that caught me, that bid me to act out of character. They alone spoke volumes. . . . I felt the beginnings of a pull, and my priorities began to shift. That meant only one thing . . .

Caius fights the pull just like Edward did at first, but, unlike Edward, he never runs away, which earns him big points in my book. No, Caius is a fighter. He is protective without being a creepy stalker (you all know what I’m talking about) and truly does have Bella’s best interests in mind. It’s also easy to like Caius because he voluntarily works with the Quileutes. He recognizes just how important the wolves are to Bella and she to them.

Now for the warning: this is not a light-hearted romp. Victoria tortures and abuses Bella before she can be rescued by the Quileute/Volturi cavalry. We don’t experience it along with Bella, but RaindropSoup paints the picture when Bella is later examined and her injuries treated. There is no gratuitous violence, but RaindropSoup doesn’t shy away from a fight either. The battles are real and merciless, and no character is safe.

RaindropSoup does an amazing job of weaving Canon elements in with her own spin on Quileute legends and Volturi history. The first few chapters are full of twists and turns where, refreshingly, the reader is usually unable to predict what is going to happen next. There are only 9 chapters so far, but each one is packed with action and intrigue. We’re at a pivotal point in the story (no, I’m still not giving details) and I cannot wait to see what’s to come.

Author’s Interview:
What gave you the idea for this story?
Tons of things, but mainly SM. After reading Twilight multiple times, I wondered what happened to certain characters, especially the Volturi and some of the Quileute. SM gave us info on the Cullens, but not a lot on the other players. She..."humanized" that family and bound them together using different aspects of life: love of all types, personal history and beliefs, circumstance and choice, fear, doubt—everything. I wanted to show they weren't the only ones molded—governed—by their experiences and surrounding relationships, but even the so-called villains were. Everyone has a similar story to tell, yet it doesn't always end the same. Sometimes, we don't get the happy ending. Most times, the ties that make and bind us...are also the ones to break us. And I don't know about you, but I wanted a battle in BD; so there's going to be an all out war...with obvious and unforeseen, tangible and intangible enemies.

Are their any FF authors that inspire you?
I would say taoist elf, The Joker's Daughter, MeraNaamJoker, and the woman who owns me—wonderwoundedhearers. Each one inspires me for different reasons, but no matter what, they're amazing authors who think outside of the pretty little box and can pull me into their world. They're also all around wonderful to their readers.

What was your main inspiration for your lead characters?
How SM portrayed the Cullens, particularly Carlisle. The series has so much depth, so many contradictions—with the supernatural and just like real life. "Creatures of the Night" who believe in God and sparkle. O.o A vampire that falls in love with his singer. Villains can have a softer side—Caius. Goody-goodies can be horrid, *cough* Bella. Unforgiving jackasses can have admirable principles. The heroine...she needs to have a dark side, at least once in a while. Like every story has two sides, every character does as well.

What do you think it takes to make a story special and stand out to a reader?
Originality— the kind that makes you open your mind to other possibilities. As a reader, I have preferences; but occasionally, you find a fic that pops your...literary cherry, so to speak. ;D You're so surprised and drawn in-moved-you fall in love...and maybe for the first time. It's beautiful, life-altering, becoming. And when it's over, you're left heartbroken and wanting, to the point you go searching for more, yet can never forget that...honorable first. (Gawd, did I really just say that? Too late now, I'm not redoing my answers.)

What do you find the hardest about writing this story?
Remembering that I started writing this for me--that I can't please everyone. I'll include things because I can and have a reason to, like enemies becoming friends, different POVs. I can't try too hard, otherwise it'll be forced and not me. I'll make mistakes—this is my first Fan Fic, and I'm learning as I go. I don't have to redo the first few chapters, even with it beta'd. I know all this, it's just remembering it that's the hardest.

Why do you think people should read this story?
I'm told how original it is—not just the pairing, but also the twists and turns, and the relationships that come from those twists. Umm...honestly, if you can be open-minded, not adhere to rules or expectations, then head on over. There's a bit of everything for everyone—the wolves, Volturi, Cullens, romance, angst—but it's what you take from it and share with others that matter.

What cliches do you feel authors should avoid while writing fanfic?
Making Edward and Alice the bad guys when you write non-canon pairing fics; I think everyone expects them to be. Other than that, I don't know. Fanfiction is supposed to fun and an escape from real life. I think those common notions and cheesy lines, especially when in context with the story,can still make you smile, laugh or feel good all over. Ultimately, you should write your story how you want to.

Do your RL friends and family know about your love and obsession with all things Twilight?
*groans* Yes, and I'm constantly in pain because of it. Most of the women in my family love Twilight, but they don't read Fan Fiction or understand my obsession with it. When my husband and our guy friends found out, I made the mistake of comparing my love for it to their obsession with Star Wars and Call of Duty. *laughs* Gawd, I still get hounded for the comment. Everyone supports my writing, but I do get shit for it since it's Twilight and Fan Fiction.

Do you have any other projects going on? Any planned for the future?
I have "The War Within," which is Jasper's story from "In Love and War" tied in with canon Jasper. He's a character that can be so complex because of his gift and history; I think we can overlook different aspects of him and how deep it goes, especially when he's with the Cullens. As a soldier and Texan, he has a large sense of duty and honor, yet it's more than just lost to him because of what he's done. I want to show how his empathy is bittersweet—to be able to share not just emotion, but pieces of himself. It's become somewhat of a project because I'm trying to capture every little bit of him, going as far as researching the accent (with the help of my Texan beta), his human life in that era and so on. But sadly, I've agreed to make a no accent version that can be found on TWCS since a couple readers requested it. So I've got my hands full. Still, I want to share this Jasper. I'm also working on an AH married Demetri and Bella, and I plan on a fun AH Demetri and Leah—I need an escape from the angst. Those won't be posted until I'm almost done with them and ILaW though.

Do you have anyone that you'd like to thank for helping and supporting you through this fic?
My betas, Twimarti and DreaC. They've more than beta'd my fic, but also supported my choices when others brought me down and I started to doubt myself. CareMarie, wonderwoundedhearers, and Blue Fox—for their encouragement. These five women have become my rock when it comes to writing ILaW and TWW. And of course, the readers and make my eyes water and lift my spirit when you tell me how much you enjoy the story.

When you aren't writing, which fics are you reading right now?
"Be Like Water" by taoist elf; "Feral Blood Saga" by The Joker's Daughter; "One Night Only" by Shirley007 and "White Blank Page" by beavoicenotanecho. I'm also pre-reading wonderwoundedhearers' "Coming To Terms." It's not posted yet, but when it is... Watch out! It features a very hot Aro.

How were you introduced to the fandom? Do you remember which FanFic was your first to read?
I was looking for more info on the Vampire Academy and then stumbled upon I read steffy2106's awesome fic "Expect the Unexpected" (Rose and Adrian). I only started reading Twilight Fan Fics a little over a year ago, and the first was MOTU.

Is there any information that you would like to share that was not already covered?
I think your site is awesome. The staff of TwiFic sites and blogs need more credit. ;D

Any additional information you would like posted???
"In Love and War" has a blog, where you can find pictures of the characters, teasers, and playlists, etc.;

Project Team Beta has a poll for the fic with the Best Non-Canon Pairing and "In Love and War" is one of the potential picks. It's a huge surprise since the other authors are beyond awesome and include one of my favorite authors, The Joker's Daughter. You don't have to vote for me, but go vote!

Thank You for reading!!
TwiFicDataBase Staff

Surviving the Rain by wandb

Official Summary:
Extreme circumstances force Bella and Edward into an intense relationship amidst devastation, but will their foundation be enough to survive reality? AH. B/E. Rated M

The story immediately opens up to heartache and loss as we are first introduced to Bella Swan by witnessing an argument between her and her husband.

"I wasn't good enough for you?" I didn't want him to answer because I had the distinct feeling that I already knew what he was going to say.

"I loved you once and I'm sorry that it's come down to this, but I don't think we can go back from here. I wouldn't even know where to start. It's just been too long and so much has changed between us. I think once you calm down and think about it, you'll see that this is for the best."

"Don't say that. I don't want you to leave. Please don't leave me. How can you walk out on me after everything we've been through?" The words were barely comprehensible as I sobbed.

"I'm sorry. I have to go."

He turned on his heels, grabbed his bag and left. The door echoed as it slammed in our now empty house, reminding me of my solitude.

Edward is a writer lost in his own world and decides to make a life changing decision and help those in need in Guatemala. There he is immediately thrown into a world he knows nothing about and is introduced to Dr. Bella Swan.

She turned upon hearing Carlisle's voice and smiled sweetly. A blush crept onto her cheeks and she seemed shy. She was absolutely beautiful, probably in her early thirties. She had fair skin and deep brown eyes that lit up with her smile. She was very petite and looked as if a strong wind would blow her over.

"I'd like you to meet Edward," Carlisle said, motioning toward me. "He's been assigned to Emmett's team and I know you'll help him get settled. Edward, this is Dr. Bella Swan."

I stuck out my hand and she reciprocated. Her soft, delicate hand slipped into mine as she looked earnestly into my eyes. Her grip was firm and I was beginning to think my earlier assessment of her being fragile was incorrect. Her eyes bored into my mind and I felt as if she could see my thoughts by a simple look. There was strength to this woman and I found myself curious and intrigued.

"It's nice to meet you, Dr. Swan," I said. "You've got quite an operation here.

We watch as they deal with pain, hurt, confusion, happiness and a whole plethora of other emotions mixed it. Their story of building something in a far off place and trying to bring it back to the real world pulls at your heart strings.

For a dramatic whirlwind romance Surviving the Rain is a must read!

Author’s Interview:
What gave you the idea for this story?
This story was originally going to be about the game Survivor. I've always been fascinated by the idea of relationships getting established under extreme circumstances. People can become very close, very quickly. But then what happens when they come home? Do they still feel the same way about each other? After mulling it over, I decided the Survivor aspect might get a little gimicky, so I changed it to be about Guatemala Aid Workers.

Are their any FF authors that inspire you?
Definitely. I'm inspired by anything well written. Reading fanfic has made my writing better. In addition, there were a few authors when I first got started who really helped me. It's difficult as an unknown author to know how to get your name out, and having someone give me some guidance was invaluable.

What was your main inspiration for your lead characters?
I'm a big fan of strong Bellas, so you won't find any wimpy ones in my stories. I wanted this Bella to be strong and capable, but flawed. She has a lot of inner strength and courage, but her past haunts her. My Edwards tend to be really nice guys, and this one is probably my favorite of all the ones I've written. I wanted him to be kind and caring, but deeply affected and imprisoned by his own fame. Her strength helps him, and his kindness and understanding helps her.

What do you think it takes to make a fic special and stand out to a reader?
To me, it's all about the character development and source of tension. We all know that in order to have a good story, characters need to have some tension between them, so the stories that really suck me in are the ones that manage to make me root for the characters to overcome their obstacles. I need to know and like the characters in order to care about the outcome. Also, for me to get really engrossed, the conflicts need to be real and not contrived (i.e. no colossal misunderstandings that never get talked about.)

What do you find the hardest about writing this story?
Knowing how long to keep the characters apart. I went through several iterations before settling on the final version. I was always worried about it with each chapter I posted.

Why do you think people should read this story?
If anyone has read my fics, one thing you'll know is that I try to make my characters behave realistically. I think the characters in this fic are perfectly human. They make mistakes, but they also come together in really great ways. In addition, I think the international aspect of this fic makes it appealing. It's a humbling experience to see how the world lives, and I think this story captures that. It's a real human drama.

What cliches do you feel authors should avoid while writing fanfic?
The biggest pet peeve I have about fanfiction are the small misunderstandings that cause unrealistic reactions. People don't move across the country, disconnect their phones, and never talk to the person they love again because of one simple misunderstanding. It just doesn't work that way. That really bugs me in fics. Also, ridiculous lemons get in the way of a good story. I'm a big fan of lemons (as you'll see if you read my stuff), but 20 orgasms in one night and boners on command are a little overkill!

Do your RL friends and family know about your love and obsession with all things Twilight?
They know I'm like Twilight, but not that I write Fanfiction or just how deep my obsession goes. Only 1-2 real life friends know about my writing and even that makes me uncomfortable. If my stuff wasn't so lemony I might not care, but yeah...I don't need my friends knowing the extent of my perviness. LOL. My husband knows, but I won't let him read it.

Have you got any other projects going on?
Any planned for the future?
Yes! I'm finishing up a rewrite of my first fic, What Happens Now. The final chapters are going up this week. After that, I've got a new fic lined up. I'm already writing that one, and it should be up shortly after What Happens Now finishes.

Do you have anyone that you'd like to thank for helping and supporting you through this fic?
OMG, yes! My betas, Viola Cornuta and TwiHeart, first and foremost. They spend countless hours with me talking me off the ledge. I fretted so much about the plot and how to make this story work, and they were a GODSEND! Seriously! My pre-readers were amazing too. They were like cheerleaders, telling me everything would be okay and that I wouldn't be booed off stage. I couldn't have done this without them. Finally, I had a series of regular readers who reviewed every chapter. Knowing I had an audience who enjoyed the fic kept me going!

When you aren't writing which fics are you reading right now?
I just finished The Cullen Campaign by belladonna1472 and now I'm starting Take the Ice by bellamarie117. Plus, I have a ton of WIPs in my queue. They keep me busy!

How where you introduced to the fandom? Do you remember which FanFic was your first to read?
I was introduced into the fandom by some internet friends from a debate board I frequent - Starfish422, mozzer0906, and twiknitmom. We all loved Twilight, so we started reading FanFiction. Starfish was the one who inspired me to write my first fic because she had a WIP called Over the Top that she was writing at the time. The first fic I read was Wide Awake (shocker), but the The Submissive, The Arrangement, and The Office followed shortly behind it.

Is there any information that you would like to share that was not already covered?
My fanfiction profile has all the pictures for Surviving the Rain, including many from Guatemala. I think they really help the story, so please check them out as you read!

I'm really grateful to be featured. I hope you all enjoy the fic. Please do leave me some feedback - I read and respond to every review!

Thank you for reading!!
TwiFicDataBase Staff

Where to Tease or Pimp your Fic

After trying to remember which site offered teasers later in the week, I thought...Hmmm, we need to have a handy list of all the websites that offer these services. I sent a tweet asking if anyone knew of a handy list and the ever so helpful @jaimearkin told me about @KitsuShel's blog. I am sooo happy that she has given us permission to repost the information here.

The Fictionator's Teaser Monday
PicTease on Mondays
A Different Forest has a teaser campfire.

Edwardville (LiveJournal community) has a Teaser thread.
The Twigasm's Teaser Tuesday

The Twilight Awards TwiFicBites

TwiFicNews' Teasers Unplugged


Another good way to get your story out there is to take advantage of the different Twitter services/accounts that will shout out a Tweet whenever you update.

TwiNetwork has a great feature called Tweet Me where you sign up and whenever you update, you're given three stories to Tweet. In turn, when another writer updates, someone will be given your story to Tweet about. There are also sections for your Completed Fics and One Shots as well.

The Twilight Awards also has Fic Update Tweets, but it's only available to their Twitter Followers. With almost 5000 followers, I'd say it would be worth it. They also have an Under the Radar section. If your fic is under 750 reviews, with less than an average of 30 reviews per chapter and at least 5 chapters posted, you can submit it to possibly be featured there. Qualifications are listed on the form/application.

The Wayward Pushers also have a Tweet My Update Feature, as well as some other cool things that might help you out along the way.

~ If you know of anywhere else, PLEASE SHARE!

Thank You @KitsuShel for all of your hard work in putting that list together and for allowing us to post here.
Please go leave her some luv.

*this post is taken almost word for word from @KitsuShel's blogwith her permission*Last edited Mar 13, 2011 

Sexy Silk by jlho

Official Summary:
Bella is a smart mouthed,celebrity hating P.A. to a Hollywood Stylist. Edward is an arrogant Hollywood playboy. What happens when their paths cross on the night of the Globes?

Bella hates her job as a PA to one of the best celebrity stylists in Hollywood. She is happy to sit behind her desk and not have to deal with pompous celebrities, until the night of the Golden Globes when she is forced to dress them. She is sent to Edward Cullen’s house and sparks fly but lives up to her every expectation as the arrogant superstar who thinks he is God’s gift to women.

"This way," he requested, gesturing me with his outstretched arm to go upstairs. It didn't make any sense for me to go upstairs first, I didn't know where I was going.

That bastard wanted a fucking front row view of my ass.

Enjoy the view. I thought. I sashayed up, accentuating the movement of my hips as I went.

I heard two strangled noises, one from closer behind me. I was unable to contain the grin that plastered itself across my face.

"You have the most incredible ass," Cullen complimented whisper quiet as he whisked by me.

"Too bad you just are one." I quipped.

This is what we did. He would flirt like a shameless, chauvinistic, asshole, I would call him out on it and my traitorous cooch would protest the only way she knew how.

Bella is determined to not be like all the other women throwing themselves at Cullen’s feet and vows to make him work for her attention. We discover, though, that Cullen has secretly been enthralled with Bella for years. Her determination to ignore him has Cullen willing to do most anything to get Bella to cave. And we do like watching him grab her attention!

"Your pussy is like heroine and you've made me a fucking addict. It's the only fucking thing I can think about," he confessed, still pumping his fingers into my slick center.

Tulip had made some new friends in the kiddie pool. Their names were "Fuck" and "Yeah."

"I fucking want you Bella and I know you fucking still want me. So instead of pulling this American Beauty picture tease shit on me..." he stopped his finger fuck abruptly, sliding his fingers back out of me and past my engorged clit. I flinched and let out a quiet cry. "Just drop the games and stop putting me through this." He pulled his hand back out of my pants and smiled that "I'm fucking going to win this shit" smile.

"Motherfucking Christ," I panted. "Stop fucking doing that!" I hissed at him, buttoning my pants back up.

Tulip fucking growled.

"Doing what?" he asked innocently.

"Fucking teasing me. I fucking hate that."

"Think of it as a preview," he smiled.

Sexy Silk is off to a great start. Even though it’s only 7 chapters in, it’s already got us on the edge of our seats wondering what Slugger and Tulip will be up to next. Fluffy and funny all around if you need a nice, easy story to break up all of the drama. Throw in the hot lemons and this is definitely the story for you!

Interview with Author:
What gave you the idea for this story?
So many different things really. At the time, the Golden Globes were coming up, and I had managed to catch and older episode of Rachael Zoe Project where she was dressing celebs for the Globes. It kind of spiraled from there.

What was your main inspiration for your lead characters?
I wanted to have characters that were fun and that didn't take themselves too seriously. Most importantly, I wanted a Bella who was snarky and severely independent as I haven't read too many of those.

Are their any FF authors that inspire you?
The ones that come to mind first are; clpsuperstar, awesomesauce76, TeamBella23, Icy. These women are truly amazing and their stories are just phenomenal.

What do you think it takes to make a fic special and stand out to a reader?
Making character's relatable or very original helps stories to stand out. Giving nicknames to certain body parts doesn't seem to hurt either;)

What do you find the hardest about writing this story?
Finding a balance between the snark, sex and being able to advance the story. Also, since I've never been a actor or a personal assistant, it's a bit tricky writing as if I had some insight into those careers.

Why do you think people should read this story?
I've been told it's funny and hot. So, I guess those are two pretty good reasons. It's different than most of the fics out there, I don't foresee a lot of drama, but there will definitely be twists and turns.

What cliches do you feel authors should avoid while writing fanfic?
Making Bella a total and complete pushover or always having her a tiny wisp of a girl.(thanks Kate) I think that in all fairness, most authors use what would be considered cliches- including me- and it's just part of writing fanfiction.

Do your RL friends and family know about your love and obsession with all things Twilight?
Some of them do. Although, I kind of hide how deep the obsession is for fear they would have me committed to the nearest psychiatric ward.;) They do know I am writing fanfiction and that it makes me happy, so they're happy.

Have you got any other projects going on? Any planned for the future?
I have another fanfic called Evening Rain. it's been on hiatus for the last couple of months because I've been so focused on this one, but I am hoping to get back to it shortly. I also have two manuscripts in the works, hoping to finish them by the end of the year.

Do you have anyone that you'd like to thank for helping and supporting you through this fic?
Twopeas for her awesome beta skills, encouragement and putting up with my inane and incessant banter. My twitter girls (you know who you are) and all the people who are reviewing, reccing and pimping it.

When you aren't writing which fics are you reading right now?
MOTU 2, Unplanned Perfection, FAP, Fold Your Wings, and Rabbit Heart- just off the top of my head, but there are many more.

How where you introduced to the fandom? Do you remember which FanFic was your first to read?
My husband's boss actually. The first movie was a few weeks from coming out and I had never heard of Twilight (yikes). So, she shoved Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse at me. I read them all in 72 hrs and went and bought Breaking Dawn the minute I finished.;) My first fanfic was Wide Awake and I haven't thought about cookies the same way since.

Is there any information that you would like to share that was not already covered?
None that I can think of. Just a big thank you for those who are reading it and reviewing:)

Thank You For Reading!!
TwiFicDataBase Staff

I Hate You, Kiss Me by BittenBee

I Hate You, Kiss Me by BittenBee

Summary:Bella's given up on dating but has a one night stand w/mystery guy Edward. Both are surprised when he gets a job at her law firm! Coworkers Alice and Jasper, best bud Emmett & sultry boss Rose play a role in Bella's love life.

If you are looking for a fic that has humor, extreme sexual tenison, and snarky Bella, this is the fic for you! Im addicted to this fic and Im not even done with it yet. It was rec'd to me so I do know it has an HEA. There has been one lemon so far, hot btw, and just a small amount of angst. Seriously you need to read this or add to your list if you haven't. As always let me know what you think!

Submitted by abw05

tHirTeEn by twolipps

Submitted By roon0
Official Summary:
In the aftermath of war, the Volturi have given Bella a choice-live as a vampire among the Guard, or die. What will she choose and will Jasper be willing to train her as a newborn and then give her up at the end of 13 short months? Vamp/Human OOC

Student Bella and her friends are discovered in the wrong place at the wrong time by the Volturi, who are meeting the Cullen's in the middle of the forest. Because of Bella's ability to block Aro she is given a choice-live, as a vampire among the Guard, or die. To ensure she is kept safe until handed over, Chelsea forges a mating bond between Jasper and Bella which neither are happy about. This story is amazing and funny. Bella is strong and snarky and has not qualms about needling Jasper. Jasper his hot and angry and has no qualms about needling her back. Fireworks are gogo. Add to the mix an evil Alice and Edward and you have bliss. Wonderful story, you should give it a go.

Picks of the Week

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Second Chance at Life by punkfox825

Official Summary:
Bella is a 24 yr old Tattoo Artist. She has a good life. What happens when someone shows up turns it upside down? A/H Canon Couples

Bella's work is her passion, that and singing at Meyer's Coffee Shop every Friday. When we first meet her she is coming out of a bad relationship, and declaring to wear her 'Big Girl Panties' with pride. She is strong independent, and care free. She is best friends with Rose and Alice, co-owns the Tattoo Shop with Emmett and Jasper, and Jake and Seth are like the Big Brothers she never had growing up.

One Friday night she smacks head to chest into a walking sex god.

A very hard chested someone.

My eyes trailed up.

I glanced over the crisp white button down shirt,
with wiry hairs peeking out from the unbuttoned top button.

I want to nuzzle those. What?

Strong jaw line hint of scruff.

I want to lick that also.


Pouty little lips.


Gorgeous bright fiery green eyes burning into me all topped off but a tuff of wild coppery hair.

Have I died and gone to heaven? Or is this hell?

Her inner monologue throughout the story is hilariously truthful. She is trying so hard to be the smooth talking confident Bella that she thinks she is, but often messes it up when her verbal filter fails.

In that case can I get you a drink?" He leaned in closer as his velvety voice surrounded me. I think I almost moaned.Ahh he was smooth and I couldn't help it as my girly bits were screaming at me to find out if what he was packing under those khakis was just as smooth.

I tipped my cup showing him I already in fact had a drink. "Is that really as good as you can do?"

"Excuse me?" His eyebrows furrowed together in the most adorable way as he leaned in like he couldn't hear me. Though the music in the place wasn't even remotely loud.

"Oh come on. You have to know your completely fuckhawt and must have a well established arsenal of pick up lines at your disposal and that's all you could come up with? Can I get you a drink? Nice to meet you Edward but if you'll excuse me."

As it turns out, Edward is Jasper's older brother who has been off in another state for the last five years or so. Bella's snarky reply to his lame pickup line is the first of many not so smooth moves on her part.

Edward has a story to tell as well, their past relationships gave them a few bumps and bruises, but the journey they take together is a fun and learning experience for them both.

PunkFox825 is spot on in her writing of new love and happy school girl giddiness of first kisses and more.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this and all of PunkFox825 other stories. Second Chance at Life is a quick, fun, fluffy Inkella and tatted-Daddyward story that will have you falling in love all over again.

What gave you the idea for this story?
I wanted something more real but light for people to read in between all the angsty story's out there. Who doesn’t love a tattooed Daddyward and a strong Bella.

Are their any FF authors that inspire you?
Tons. Any that are willing to take the time to write and put it out there for criticism from the fandom are awe-inspiring to me. But a few of my favorites to read are StAngelS, Jdbeaner, prettykittyartist, and of course Icy!

What was your main inspiration for your lead characters?
A strong Bella and a slightly cocky Daddyward; is there anything better?

What do you think it takes to make a fic special and stand out to a reader?
You have to enjoy writing it or the reader isn't going to enjoy reading it. As a constant reader I can tell when an author struggled to write a chapter just to adhere to some “posting schedule” and it affects me when I try to read it.

What do you find the hardest about writing this story?
When I could picture a scene play out in my head like a movie but getting it down into words and hoping the reader is able to picture it the same way is difficult.

Why do you think people should read this story?
Its light. minimal heartfail. Its a nice read in my mind to break up all the drama filled storys out there.

What cliches do you feel authors should avoid while writing fanfic?
There are so many out there that make me fall into a reading coma more often then not. All I can say is break out of all the “norms.” Make your characters how you feel they should be. Don't be afraid of trying something different.

Do your RL friends and family know about your love and obsession with all things Twilight?
A few do. My husband supports it cause it allows him to play his xbox more often than not without me bugging him. Though I'm constantly being told to put down my phone when were out and about.

Have you got any other projects going on? Any planned for the future?
Yes! I am doing a horror collaboration project with StAngelS. Think Scream meets Twilight. Blood gore and macabre. It will begin posting hopefully soon.

Do you have anyone that you'd like to thank for helping and supporting you through this fic?
MizMandy who was the 1st beta Ive had who stuck with me specially through blocks and just the madness that is my writing process. Ibelieverk who was my original rec h00r. The PHB who constantly have supported when Ive needed. And of course my PrettyPeen who I would just simply be lost without.

When you aren't writing which fics are you reading right now?
I read so much its ridiculous. You can find my reading list here My Reading List

How where you introduced to the fandom? Do you remember which FanFic was your first to read?
My Brother in law and his wife actually got me started on the books and in turn the movies. It just spiraled out of control from there. I dont remember the title of the first one I ever read I do remember it was smut wonder I stuck around

Is there any information that you would like to share that was not already covered?
Not really! Thanks for reading!

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