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Still of the Night by StAngelS

BBella wakes up every night at 2.13am, heart racing, fearful. Can the Doctor cure her or will the arrival of a dark stranger help Bella find peace from her past?

Visions of Our Destiny by ForksPixie

Jasper has been waiting 60 years for Alice's vision of his vampire soul-mate. What happens when she knocks on the Cullen door escorted by the Volturi Guard. Vamp Story /AU

The Feeder by Lindsay520

Bella is captured as Edward's newest "feeder". After weeks of drinking Bella's blood, one night takes a strange and seductive turn, sending Edward's mind spinning in circles.

A Whole Lotta Trouble by jacndaniel

After graduating from college, Bella makes her way to Vegas so she can marry her childhood sweetheart. An unexpected stop lands her in a lazy little town and on Edward's doorstep. Mechanicward meets Sassella ...Hijinx ensue...


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  2. Must be a new one shot.(Juicy Lemons are encouraged) Other chapters may be added AFTER the contest is over.
  3. Must be between 3,000-10,000 words, including the header.
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Entry in the FORNICATIN' FATHER'S DAY Contest
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Fold Your Wings by Jadalulu

Official Summary:
The liberties he assumes with my body should enrage me, anger me beyond my own sanity. But it's just not that simple." Encounters born of need. Consequences neither saw coming. Guard your hearts. Not the ExB you're used to. AH


Concentration that is shattered into a thousand pieces with the sensation of his hand gripping my hair and abruptly pulling backward, snatching my head back.

My eyes fly open.

I'm looking up at the ceiling and the moan that slips from my mouth does so without my permission.

I'm breathing harder now, my mouth hung open and my heart beating furiously in my chest, which is rising and falling rapidly. I'm confused and thrown by my own reaction to his manhandling me.

A familiar standoff begins.

My head tells me to revolt.

My body. They feel differently.

My hands clench the table's edge tighter and my legs feel like jello.

From my periphery, I can see his head rise from the left side of my face and look at me. His head tilts to the side, as if he's contemplating something. I can't move to look at him, his grip too tight.

"You've accepted my offer, have you not?" His voice is louder than a whisper, but still low. A slow, husky drawl of words.

I nod my head minutely and he tugs back on my hair...hard.

"Ahh!" I cry out from surprise. The sharp pain to the back of my head should frighten me, anger me. But it has a much different effect. My breathing accelerates and my hands twitch with the need to find purchase.

"Use your words, Isabella."

"Ye-yes. Yes, I accepted." My words are breathy...spoken through pants.
This is not an Edward you have ever met before.

Edward has absolutely NO redeeming qualities, he is an ass and he owns it. Jadalulu owns it.
From the moment he approaches Bella about his proposition, he speaks with purpose and impatience. He is direct, unforgiving, and indifferent. His character is so against the grain that we are instantly slack-jawed and speechless. With every interaction, I am on the edge of my seat. I am angry and excited all at the same time.

Fingers, hard and fast, slide under my ponytail and snatch it back viciously. My head jerks back and I cry out from the pain.

"Shut the fuck up."

The noise dies in my throat.


All I can hear are my hard breaths in and out of my nose and the low, steady hum of his in my right ear.

"Five hundred cash. Right here, right now. Yes or no? Shake your head or nod." His voice is rushed and impatient. A harsh, forceful whisper.
Let’s be completely honest, this story has sex; rough, mean, hate filled, quick, and dirty sex. But before you get all excited thinking that this is just another brainless read, where you get to read clichéd lemon after clichéd lemon... relax. This is totally not that story. This is soo much more than that. YES, Jadalulu has written several palpatatingly HAWT sex scenes, so extremely hot that Fold Your Wings has been pulled from I think that my most favorite aspect of Jada’s writing is that while she is writing a rough and dirty lemon, she is doing it in such an intelligent way that you are literally transplanted into Bella’s mind.

I have read so many stories that are basically plotless porn. A few fairly good porn with little plot, but I have never read a story that equally had both an excellent plot and excellent lemons. When this fic first started making a buzz on twitter and all anyone could say was "OMG it is just sooo... uuunnnggg", honestly I was turned off and didn't want to read. I assumed that it was just another plotless porn, and I have been in the mood to read more. So many of the stories out there are just copycats of others and there are only so many times that one can read about moist folds or coming on demand. I have been looking for a story with actual characters that didn't blur into the hundreds of others that I have read.

I was desperately in the need of an intelligent Bella who was strong enough to face her demons. I found that and so much more with Jada's Bella.

And the scariest part of all isn't what awaits you at the bottom...

It isn't the looming blackness below...

It's the fact that despite all of the sane, rational reasons why you should turn back and run...

Despite every ounce of common sense gnawing at you...

Despite the voice of reason in your ear and the validity of its pleading...

You made the decision to jump before you ever reached the edge.

The tragic irony is that all of the luring, beckoning, reminding...

The warning, the sinking feeling, the consequences...

They are unsuccessful in tipping the scales.

They only propel you further toward the abyss...
Bella is determined to have the life that she has dreamed about since she was a young girl. She has overcome every obstetrical placed in front of her and has exhausted herself in the process.
There comes a point when Bella must choose; accept the offer, although degrading and immoral, or let go of her dreams for the time being. I love that no one is holding a gun to her head, there is not a dying parent or some other horribly sad story. It is just one adult who evaluates her options and does what she feels she must. Of course there are other options that she could have taken, but she didn't.

Through Bella's narrative we are taken on the most wonderful journey of self discovery and exploration. What she thinks will be able just a ' grin and bear it' type of situation soon becomes her outlet and she finds herself craving more.

As a writer, I applaud Jada's courage to conquer such a touchy subject. She has written this story with grace and realism. As a reader, I am hungry for more. Whether she meant to or not she has ended the last chapter at an extremely pivotal point where the characters could take one of two roads and I have been on the edge of my seat waiting to see what direction she pushes them.

And by the time I've raised my fist to knock, the transformation is complete.

When he opens the door, I want to drop to my knees. I want to shed every stitch of clothing that separates my skin from his.
They way that Jada writes the mental transformation that Bella uses to go from real life into Edward's penthouse is so beautifully descriptive. I can almost hear her heart rate and breathing alter as she waits in the elevator.

Swiftly and without warning, he rears back and I feel the sting of his palm on my ass. He alternates sides as he goes and my breathing spikes.

One, two, three, four times.

On the last, I'm unable to harness the grunt that comes from my throat. It's a sound of frustration. It would be frustration with myself for finding any pleasure in the way this feels. It would be...had I not chosen to check such introspective thoughts at the door.

There is no room for lucidity here. This is purely carnal.

"What am I going to with you, Isabella? Fucking whore that you are. I wonder how many poor bastards have dipped into this. Were you as bad of a listener for them as you are for me, huh?"

The next slap lands directly between my thighs. My body jerks and seizes altogether as he dips two fingers inside me.

The torture is ambrosial. He sheaths them all the way in, until his palm is flat to my ass, only to withdraw them fast and harsh. The friction it creates makes it difficult not to writhe back against his hand. So I do...

And again, I groan.
I could honestly talk about this story for days and if I don't stop now, I just may do that. Please go read it with an open mind and see it for what it is...

Author Interview:
What gave you the idea for this story?
I was intrigued by the idea that Bella couldn't just stare up at Edward with her doe eyes and conquer his demons. I wanted to explore a darker possibility. One that didn't feel so safe. Shake it up a little. Oh, and I'm a total perv. That helps.

Are their any FF authors that inspire you?
Oh geez. SO many. Some really well known and some not so. In particular, LolaShoes and windchymes for their AU masterpieces. I found them at a time where I'd been curled up in the fetal position, clutching at my copy of Breaking Dawn and trying to figure out where it all went so wrong. Those ladies pulled me back from the edge. lol They both write with a beautiful intensity.

What was your main inspiration for your lead characters?
There is a song called 'It's About Time' by Barcelona, whose lyrics really resonated with me. But the greatest inspiration is the music video for the song. It's very simple, but I couldn't get it out of my mind for the longest time. So I opened a doc on my Mac and here we are. ;)

What do you think it takes to make a fic special and stand out to a reader?
That's tricky, because I think SO much of a reader's enjoyment of a fic depends on them. Their mood, where they are in life, personal issues, their mood at the time, etc. As a reader, I gravitate toward stories that absorb me into them. That cause me to get lost in them, that make me FEEL the words I'm reading. Where I finish a chapter and have to look up and remember where I am. Yellowglue gave me a piece of advice once. She said 'Write your heart.' I think that if you do that, readers can tell and will respond to it.

What do you find the hardest about writing this story?
I have a ball writing this story, I really do. The only thing that bothers me are close minded people who attack at the first sign of anything different. Of anything outside of the safe box. For the most part, readers have been very supportive and open minded, and I welcome and encourage people to be honest in their opinions. But if you can't do it respectfully, I have no interest in hearing you out.

Why do you think people should read this story?
I don't necessarily think people SHOULD. I'm very aware of how tough my scenes can be to read for some people. I don't want anyone reading who isn't comfortable, but I also like to think that there's beauty in having faith in a story, in not knowing what's going to happen. Suzie55 put it best. 'There's what the readers want, and what they NEED.' That isn't meant to be patronizing or condescending at all. It can be very liberating to push past your comfort zone a little. I've discovered some of my favorite stories that way ;)

What cliches do you feel authors should avoid while writing fanfic?
Oh boy. You're gonna get me in trouble. lol In my opinion, cliches are born when people are too busy writing what they think people want to read and not expressing themselves honestly. Wrap your mind around your idea. Feel it. And write what comes from that. Don't compromise your vision of things because you're worried no one will like it that way.

Do your RL friends and family know about your love and obsession with all things Twilight?
The obsession really only comes into play where Rob is concerned. lol But yes, they know I like Twilight, although MrJada and one RL friend are the only ones who know I write Fold Your Wings.

Have you got any other projects going on? Any planned for the future?
I do. I'm working on a couple other stories right now. But I won't take on more than one at a time, so nothing else until FYW is complete.

Do you have anyone that you'd like to thank for helping and supporting you through this fic?
Absolutely. raindrops855, KlrTwiLuver,stickybuns and RoseArcadia. These ladies are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Fold Your Wings would be a ghost in the Land of the Lost Docs right now if it weren't for them. Also jjohnson78587 for starting the Twilighted thread and all of the lovely ladies who are so supportive of me over there. And I have to say that I have THE most open minded, honest, enthusiastic readers on the planet. Many of them have become great friends as well. They all make me very proud to be a part of the fandom.

When you aren't writing which fics are you reading right now?
I have to admit that I haven't really gotten a lot of reading done since I started writing, but I've got one hell of a TBR list going. I'm a huge one shot whore, though. They're quick and dirty. Perfect for me right now. lol I'm all kinds of late to the party, but I just finished 'I Never Knew' by nerac and really enjoyed it. I'm reading 'Living Backwards' by ciaobella27 right now and am loving how pleasantly surprised I am by it.

How were you introduced to the fandom? Do you remember which FanFic was your first to read?
I stumbled into the fandom. I'd just read all four Twilight books in four days and was online because I'd heard about Midnight Sun being in the works. I remember finding and being a goner. Bloodlines by windchymes and I'll Be Your Lover Too by EdwardsBloodType were two of my very first fics, and they remain in my favorites. Awesome reads.

Is there any information that you would like to share that was not already covered?
Because FYW was recently pulled from, it is now only available for reading on my blog, and on The Writers Coffee Shop. It's also posted on, but is behind by several chapters there.

Any additional information you would like posted???
Nothing I can think of! But thank you guys for taking the time to do this for authors and their fics. I really appreciate the honor of being interviewed by you! :)

Please tell us what you think.  I know that I completely showed my inner 'FanGirl' on this review, but please go read her story.  I hope that her writing will speak to you as it has to me!

Beyond Time by TKegl

"After the Cullens leave Forks, a twist of fate lands Bella in Chicago in 1918. She thinks it's a second chance to build a life with Edward, but when she finds him, he's not quite what she expected. Can Bella create the future she's hoping for?"

I had passed up this fic many times because I didn't think it was my cup of tea, but after some gentle persuasion, I decided to give it a shot and so glad I did. This author puts a whole new spin on what happens after New Moon and its unlike any other fic I've read (which is a lot).

You start this journey with Bella as she is trying to cope with Edward leaving. She takes partakes in this Quileute ritual by eating a "magic" mushroom that sends her back into 1918. ( I know it sounds silly, see above paragraph on why I passed up, but don't let that fool you.)

She meets Edward (human) and feels the reason she was sent back into time was to save him and his family from Influenza out brake. But will this have a "Butterfly Effect"? How will her decisions effect the future? Read and find out. This fic is beautifully written. Definitely in my top 10.

Sincerely, Sergeant Masen by 2carm2carm2

Submitted by: @abw05

"A soldier doesn't fight because he hates what is in front of him. He fights because he loves what's behind him."

Full Summary: "Edward Masen is a U.S. soldier serving over seas in Iraq, he no longer has any family or any ties in the states. On night Bella finds his profile on a website called Any Soldier, she decides to write him a letter, not thinking it would go anywhere. To her surprise the Sergeant wrote her back. And thus begins their relationship that starts to form over the course of letters. Bella has to come to grips with the fact that she fell completely in love with a soldier who doesn't stay in one place long. And then, throw in Edward's past that's threatening to destroy their future. That's a lot of bullets for a girl to dodge."

This fic is definitely one that has me biting my nails for the updates. I love how even though this Bella has been through so much its only made her stronger. Edward, well I don't know much about his past yet but the author makes me want to find out.

The Foreign Papers by javamomma0921

Official Summary
AU - Bella Swan is an expert in antique documents. When the paper trail she is following leads overseas and she finds herself enamored with an enigmatic man named Edward Masen, will her training be enough to help her solve the mystery surrounding him?

I was swept up in The Foreign Papers immediately. The writing in this story is captivating and fluid and draws you into another world so completely that you forget the actual world around you.
Dr. Isabella Swan is a document verification expert. It is her life’s work and her passion. And she’s not only good at it, she’s confident in her skills. (It’s always refreshing to read a confident, self-assured Bella, rather than the insecure teenager of canon.) Edward Masen, though we don’t know it right from the start, is a 500+ year old vampire searching for his missing family. It’s Bella’s job to go through 300+ years of Cullen history to solve a mystery, but she doesn’t even know what the mystery is.

She gets hints of the mystery in the content of the letters she must authenticate, but with little guidance from Edward she’s left to put the story together herself. Bella quickly realizes that the mystery in the letters will help her to discover the mystery of Edward himself.

"What did you find?" Edward asked, coming up close behind her and making her shiver at the chill of his breath on her neck.

"I've never heard of this term before," she said, pointing to two words in the middle of the document. "Stregoni Benefici. Literally translated, I think it means 'Wizard's Benefit,' but that doesn't make any sense. And here it says that the words relate to ancient vampiro leggende."
Bella looked up at Edward expectantly.

"Vampire legends," he said softly.

"I know," she replied quietly, her eyes traveling over his features quickly and then darting back to the document. "It isn't – unusual for people of this time period to be – superstitious."
She was stuttering, tripping over her words as her mind raced through the information. Edward appeared cautious, unnaturally hesitant, as he relayed the translation. Vampire legends? she thought and shuddered involuntarily.Ridiculous, Isabella. You're simply letting the late hour addle your brain. Vampires aren't real.

"You consider it a silly superstition then?" Edward murmured.

"You don't?" she asked, her eyes meeting his, weighing his reaction.

"Clearly, the writer of these documents didn't think so," he answered.
The Foreign Papers is a really smart story. For example, I know absolutely nothing about antique documents or the process of verifying their authenticity, but javamomma weaves the details of the documents and Bella’s examination of them seamlessly into the story. You never feel like you’re being told the nuts and bolts of the process, but by the time the scene or the chapter is over, you understand exactly how the whole process happens.

The details provided enhance the story, rather than distract from it. The descriptions of the clean room and its setup, as well as the process for document verification help to guide us to what is important rather than force-feeding us the details. And the way she describes everything makes you feel as though you are physically in the room with them, a part of the process.

Another refreshing part of this story is that Bella and Edward actually act like adults. So often in AU fics, I find that we’re stuck with some of the worst canon characteristics - Bella’s insecurity, Edward’s controlling nature, a general lack of communication, etc. But in The Foreign Papers, even though Edward has to keep his vampire nature a secret, the pair still manages to have adult conversations about their feelings and their quick-progressing relationship. It is so easy to get swept up in the romance of it all and fall in love with the characters as they fall in love with each other.

"My feelings for you frighten me," she said, her voice thick with emotion. "When you held me last night, and again early this morning, I felt relief as though a part of me that had been missing was suddenly back in place. I've never felt anything like that before, and I'm afraid that if I give into that feeling, and you walk away … I might never be whole again."

She had closed her eyes as she spoke, unable to look him in the eye as she made such a bold declaration of her feelings. It was cowardly, perhaps, but she was afraid to see either fear or rejection in his face. When she opened her eyes, he was kneeling before her, his golden eyes bright with the smile that was on his face.

Edward raised his hands and held them around her face, barely touching her. She held her breath and couldn't tear her eyes away from his.

"Would you believe that I feel the same way?"
What I wouldn’t give for canon Edward and Bella to be so open with their feelings and actually have these conversations before they go through all their drama!

In all, I cannot recommend The Foreign Papers enough. We’re at a really pivotal point in the story now and I devour every chapter as soon as the alert appears in my inbox. It’s unique, so well written, and is genuinely interesting all the way through. It is well worth the read, and as soon as I finish this review, I plan on devouring the rest of javamomma0921’s posted stories!

Author’s Interview
What gave you the idea for this story?
I really enjoyed Elizabeth Kostova's book The Historian. In it, a woman follows documents, books, and other clues around Europe looking for the tomb of Dracula. I just really liked the concept of turning research into an adventure. When I was doing the Wit Fits for Fictionista workshop in September, I started this little mystery thread that the readers referred to as 'Pond.' It was popular, but in the rush of FGB obligations etc, I got away from writing it. Finally, my girl Swimom7 convinced me to go back to it and turn it into a real story. It's been SO fun to write, really being able to develop the mystery more fully and play with vampire legends a little bit more because this is AU. :)

Are their any FF authors that inspire you?
Anyone who is brave enough to write their own words and put them out there for others to read and critique has my admiration. There are some authors who have really amazed me. Most recently, I was blown away by the braveness that Katinki showed when she posted her one shot, A Voice in the Darkness. It took major gumption to put something so taboo out there, and I applaud her for having both the talent and the guts to do it. Swimom7 is an author who has consistently blown me away with her ability to capture the humanity of these characters and really bring readers into the world she creates. Her stories are always so richly layered.

What was your main inspiration for your lead characters?
Bella has a little bit of me in her -- that's her quirky inner voice that we sometimes hear. She also has a healthy dose of Dr. Temperance Brennan, or Bones, from the series Bones. She's insanely intelligent and analytical, which really factors into the way she handles all of Edward's secrets. Edward is really fairly canon, except he's older (both physically and immortally). He's less hindered by rules and expectations than canon Edward is though. In general, he's the Edward I often wished I saw when I was reading Twilight.

What do you think it takes to make a fic special and stand out to a reader?
It has to a strike a chord with readers. And there's really no formula for that. I mean, if there was a formula we could all stop writing fic and make millions writing best sellers, right? lol I think to write a good story you have to dig deep down into yourself and find something amazing that only you can tell others about. For me, it's turning centuries old documents into rare and sexy snippets of Edward's mysterious past. I think if you find that one thing that only you can tell, there will be readers out there who fall in love with your story.

What do you find the hardest about writing this story?
Plot holes. I'm writing a mystery, and the key to writing a good mystery is leaving little breadcrumbs throughout the story so that a careful reader will be able to follow along and possibly solve the problem before the end. It's exhausting trying to keep track of all of those tiny breadcrumbs and make sure I don't eff up in the end. lol

Why do you think people should read this story?
I actually think it's fairly different. In a fandom with well over 100,000 different stories, that's a ballsy claim. However, I think this story is unique in a couple of ways. First of all, both Bella and Edward are older, in their late 20s. They are both very well educated and are both pretty snarky people. They banter with each other and really compliment each other well. The other thing that really sets this story apart is both the setting and Bella's profession. Bella is an antique documents specialist. She dates documents, verifies their authenticity, and tries to extract details from them sort of like a crime scene investigator might extract clues from a crime scene. The fic is set in Oxford, England, which makes things interesting in a few surprising ways. ;)

What cliches do you feel authors should avoid while writing fanfic?
There are some cliches that have been done so often that they are tiresome. Bella's deep chocolately brown orbs or Edward's enormous ... hands *snort*. I think using those devices actually pulls your readers out of the story because it's kind of jarring to be reminded of the fifty other stories you read that used those same cliches. On the other hand, I think it's cool to weave some of canon into your writing in unique and interesting ways. I sometimes like to throw lines from the books or movies into my fics in odd or unexpected ways. It's a nod to something familiar in a different way.

Do your RL friends and family know about your love and obsession with all things Twilight?
They know I write fanfic; they have no idea how involved I am in this world. If they did, they might actually seek to commit me. ;)

Have you got any other projects going on? Any planned for the future?
I'm working on finishing up my other WIP, All That Jazz. I'm also contributing to three charities this Spring that are very near and dear to my heart. I'll be contributing an outtake of TFP to the Fandom for Tsunami Relief and another outtake to the Fandom Fights Mental Illness Fundraiser. I'll also be contributing a very special EPOV outtake of All That Jazz to the Fandom for Sexual Abuse Awareness.

Do you have anyone that you'd like to thank for helping and supporting you through this fic?
My betas are amazing: DeJean Smith, Swimom7, Shasta53, and SparklyBabs. Most especially, I need to thank Swimom7 for prodding me to write this story. Because I never thought anyone would read it outside of the wit fit forum and she convinced me. :)

When you aren't writing which fics are you reading right now?
I'm embarrassed to say that I'm not reading much right now. I'm desperately trying to finish all of my obligations right now. But I have a few that I'm saving up for a rainy day. DeJean Smith's Evermore Experience is such a new and different take on AU. Bella Flan is writing an amazing horror AU titled Shadow of my Heart. Also, I love everything by Cosmo and Marvar and I hear they have a new story out. So excited for MFEO. :)

How were you introduced to the fandom? Do you remember which FanFic was your first to read?
I found Fan Fic through SM's web page. I finished the Saga and was looking for more. A friend sent me to SM's website for Midnight Sun. While there, I looked through her links. Found FF, fell in and never came up for air. One of the first stories that I remember reading was Wide Awake. Cliche, I know, but it totally wowed me. One thing many people don't know about me is that I wrote Twilight FF before I read. I got inspired and started writing an EPOV of Breaking Dawn before I even knew there was a place to post it. So when I found it, the first thing I did was post a few chapter of my story. It was very canon, not much deviation at all. After reading Wide Awake, I realized that I could play with these characters a lot. I found a lot of freedom after that to do lots of fun things with Edward and Bella. :)

Is there any information that you would like to share that was not already covered?
I'm currently working on several original short stories and an original novel that I hope to publish some day. I don't believe in pulling and publishing FF, so you won't see any of my stories in print, but I do hope that you'll eventually see some of my original characters in a book someday. :)

Thank you for reading!
The TwiFicDataBase Staff

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