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Evening the Score by @DiamondHeart78

As many probably don't know, I'm not a huge fan of the original Bella. The shy, quiet, modest girl is so opposite of who I am that I just can't identify with her. Well, except for the whole "lusting after Edward" which I can TOTALLY identify with. So the Bella in Evening the Score is my kind of girl. She's gutsy, determined, knows what she wants and enjoys encounters with the opposite sex. As a sports journalist I'm sure she gets her fill of hot man candy, too. Not to say there aren't any flaws in her character. That wouldn't be realistic, would it? Poor Bella has some serious commitment issues. Then she travels to London and meets Edward; a playboy soccer player. Not exactly love at first sight for her, either.
"Sex Hair gives me a once over with his eyes before unleashing (what I'm sure he's well aware of and probably has a name for) a sly smirk that I immediately want to smack off his ever-loving face. I return the gesture with a unamused eye roll while Barbie dutifully disappears under his neck, emitting disgusting smacks and wet sloppy sounds. Just when my gagging reflexes start to rev up their engines, the elevator dings and I'm off like a canon out towards my luxury hotel suite, but not before I hear a very smooth male voice say "Have a nice evening." I can hear the smile in his remark.Ugh...typical."

They eventually hook up. That's not a spoiler, you had to know it was coming! Then something happens. Cocky playboy Edward starts to really fall for Bella, which starts to freak her out. Somehow you just want to be able to tell her not to stress out and just go with the flow. "Take a chance on him!" you want to scream. Alas, fictional characters can't hear us screaming at them and have to take their own sweet time to realize something that's staring right in their face. You can't help but fall in love with these two characters and really hope that they can make things work. They're sweet, fun, loving, and their sexy times are hot as hell.

"Everything I was thinking is thrown out the window and I give in. I help him take his boxer briefs off as he helps with my lace panties. He reaches behind me to unclasp my bra and tears it off, throwing it on the floor, along with our discarded underwear. His hand skims my sides and thighs until he reaches between them, where I want him the most. One finger, then two pumps slowly, making my back arch and moan at the sensation."Oh god, oh god...""Jesus, Bella...damn...I never get tired of feeling how wet you are. You're so ready for me, baby. What do you want? Tell me." He's half grunting, half growling, as he continues to pump at a fast pace and I can hardly form the necessary vowels and consonants to share my request."

Go read DiamondHeart78's Evening the Score. It's a fun, flirty, sexy story that will suck you in and easily entertain you.


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