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Father's Day Contest Winners!

I'll start by saying, once again, thank you to our authors, readers, affiliates, my co-hosts, and our judges. This was prolonged for far too long, so I won't waste time here with nonsense, I'll just get to our results!

First up, Hosts Choice(s)! In true TFDB style, there was no way we could all agree on just one story for host choice and we want to spread the love around, so each of our judges has their own favorite that they want to spotlight.

Chosen by Ash (@Frzr71186): No More Waiting by AutumnSong
Chosen by Mer (mlee03): Of Mermaids and Wildcats by Fairusa and MissRebecca
Chosen by Jay (@jaydogrut): Miracles and Mischief by Esme Mom Cullen
Chosen by Jess (@Jess_Ann06): The Best of Both Sides by TWILIFE2011

Next up, Best Lemon as chosen by the wonderful @jaydogrut, our only male host and purveyor of only the finest twitterp0rn:

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the fics chosen by you, our faithful ficcers and our authors faithful readers, the Fan Favorites!

In third place... well, actually, nothing. Cross my heart and hope to die, there was a tie! (Cross my heart, that was also an unintentional rhyme.)

In Second Place:


And the First Place Fan Favorite Fic:

Final thank you's once again to all of you. My co-hosts, our judges, everyone who tweeted and retweeted all along, everyone who voted, especially to our authors, you're all wonderful and I can't thank you enough.

I'd also be quite remiss to end this post without thanking JaimeArkin without whom we would have had no banners for fic pimping or prizes. Check out herblog or find her on twitter and let her know how awesome she truly is!


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