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Meet our new staffer, @jaydogrut!

But you can call him Jason. He's a great guy (that's right - we've got a dude on staff!!) and we know you'll come to love him just as much as we do.
Hi, my name is Jason and I'm married to @agrutle. I am a pretty simple man. I was introduced to the fandom by @obsmama and @agrutle. They both got me hooked on Twilight and the movies and I thought that was enough lol. However, I came home from work one day to see both of these ladies sitting around the computer whispering about EP and MOTU; I was intrigued and so I read. I was impressed at the originality that these stories possessed and I was hooked. I really got involved when I started and was the first man to win a game of TwiFic Trivia and my friend base grew from there. Since those fateful weeks, I have started to read and write slash - I've always wanted to be different, lol. I also have a canon and non-canon fic that I will finish once I have completed my current story, Jasper's Wanted Needs. I'm @jaydogrut on twitter, if you want to follow. See you all soon.
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