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Updates to the Database!

The staff here at the TwiFicDataBase are constantly striving to make improvements to the way we do business, and that includes improving the data in the database. We are pleased to announce the following changes to the database:
- primary and secondary story classifications
- the addition of an AU/AH/Canon genre designation
- the addition of "wolves" to the vamp or human category
- a drop down list to choose your "Type of Edward/Bella"

What this means is that we need your help now more than ever to update the existing data. We're updating as much of the data as we can, but couldn't possibly do it all. Generally we prefer to limit the ability to make substantive changes to the content of the database to the author. However, for a short time while we're inputting the new data, we need all the help we can get!

So please, even if you're not the author, fill out our Fix-a-Fic Form and help us update the database!!

We are really excited about these changes and additions and feel that it will improve the usability of the database. Hopefully you agree! As always, we welcome your feedback. Feel free to leave a comment here with questions or suggestions, or visit our contact page for all of the other ways you can reach us.


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