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War Zone by jarkin33 & phoebes.promise

Official Summary
Edward and Bella seek the clarity and wisdom to move on from horrific tragedy. Can they find the peace to heal in their bond? A love story as told by Edward.


Some stories make you wait chapters and chapters before you get to any real action or to the heart of the story. War Zone is not one of those stories. Right from the beginning you are drawn into the intensity of where this story begins. You find out that things are not going to be so simple and happy for the two love birds:

My heart… pounding, blood pumping, I was alive. Bella's quick breathing drowned my own, she was alive. But dark red patterns lacing across her pale cheek dripped into the sand. My weight crushing hers, she began mumbling beneath me. I furiously framed her face with my hands, forcing her to look at me. I ran my fingers gingerly over the base of her head, around the front, down the sides… sticky, hot blood. "Bella, talk to me! Where? Tell me?"
Edward and Bella are human in this story, but their attraction is just as strong as it is in Ms. Meyer’s stories. They are a couple just testing the waters of their relationship when the story starts off. We know from the beginning how Bella and Edward know each other, but you need to read the entire story to understand why this one major event has torn them apart. This isn’t a typical “Edward leaves Bella and breaks her heart only to come back and be with her again” tale. This story does involve the famous Edward and Bella being torn apart, but not by one person’s stupid decision. They are torn apart and hurting for some real human reasons and events - events that could happen to any number of us.

But don’t get too depressed. Despite the intensity and sadness of many parts of this story, you won’t be let down by the hot, steamy love scenes:

"Yes, I need it, Edward." Our kiss deepened, desperate and hungry. She pulled my cock free, caressing as our chests heaved. Laying my hand over hers, I guided slowly towards her heat. She moved her panties to the side as I pushed forward. I stroked into her, finally feeding the heightened passion that always lingered. Her body moved with mine, fists gripping my shirt, my neck to steady. "It's so… good," she panted in my ear. Her legs around my waist tightened, I rotated my hips as she cried out. She gasped with wide eyes as she rode out her orgasm, the vision more breathtaking than my dreams. Her lips crushed mine as I welcomed my own delicious burn.
I love Edward and Bella stories where the characters actually act like adults, where you can actually relate to how they feel and can imagine yourself in their situation. Throughout the entire story, you can’t tell if there is going to be a happy ending or not. Just like real life, you aren’t guaranteed a happy ending... but that doesn’t mean they can’t happen. You’ll have to read this one shot to find out. You won’t regret it!

Author Interview

What gave you the idea for this story?

Our first inspiration came from the unique banner by TKegl in the pick a pic contest. The pictures on the banner really drew us in and the focal point seemed to be the press credentials that Bella was wearing so we kind of worked the story around that.

Are there any fanfic authors that inspire you?


What was your main inspiration for your lead characters?

We definitely have a distinct way of writing our Edwards so we tend to work around that. Our Edward and Bella experience a very traumatic event together in the open of the story and the way in which they deal with the tragedy both individually and together was important because it determined the path of their love story.

What do you think it takes to make a fic special and stand out to a reader?

We both appreciate flawed believable characters, who grow within the story. Good storytelling, paced appropriately with a realistic resolution is important

What did/do you find the hardest about writing this story?

One shots in general are challenging. The sensitive nature of the opening was difficult, we did a lot of research and wanted to make sure it was as accurate as possible. It needed to be vivid, intense, and descriptive to be effective.

Why do you think people should read this story?

First and foremost it’s a love story between two passionate, driven, young adults. We’re incredibly proud of this and we’ve received several messages with personal stories and deeply emotional reactions regarding the nature of the plot. It’s a full-circle journey for the characters of forgiveness, healing and discovering the best of life and love.

What cliches do you feel authors should avoid while writing fanfic?

We feel the most important thing is to stay true to your plot and vision for the story. If you do that you should be able to avoid any obvious cliches.

Do your RL friends and family know about your love and obsession with all things Twilight?

Phoebespromise‘s hubby provides guidance with the male POV and jarkin33’s sister is an occassional prereader and beta, but otherwise no.. not really.

Do you have any other projects going on? Any planned for the future?

Why yes, yes we do. We just completed a short story titled Beneath the Undertow and are submitting the first of a multi-chapter story in the Fandom 4 Sexual Assault compilation, titled Outbound.

Do you have anyone that you'd like to thank for helping and supporting you through this fic?

The readers and reviewers and everyone who sent us messages of encouragment. We’d also like to thank the hosts of the contest.

When you aren't writing which fics are you reading right now?

We don’t have a lot of time for reading but when we do, we bond over stories like The Companion by samrosey, and SOUL by denverpopcorn.

How were you introduced to the fandom? Do you remember which story was the first you read?

The first story we read together was drift by denverpopcorn

Is there any information that you would like to share that was not already covered?


Our collab account is aftrnoondlight.

Any additional information you would like posted?


Thank you for reading!
@TwiFicDataBase Staff


love and hugs and kisses aren't enough. thank you for the lovely kind words and incredible support for me and us! I owe you drinks!

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