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Breaking Dawn Book 4: Renesmee by kimmydonn

Official Summary: Renesmee's POV for Breaking Dawn. Starting just before Edward 'hears' her for the first time.


Review: Anyone who knows me and my love for fanfic knows that I love canon stories. On occasion I can get into AH or AU, but for the most part, it is canon for me all the way. Specifically, I LOVE reading a Twilight series book, but in a different POV than Stephanie Meyer's originally wrote. If you are like me and craving different POV for the same story, then Breaking Dawn Book 4: Renesmee by Kimmydonn is a fic for you.

The first chapter starts off with little Renesmee still inside of Bella, but able to hear what is going on around her. She is slowly starting to figure out what she is and how she relates to the outside world. Through Renesmee's eyes we get to read in detail what happened while Edward was with Bella during her change and Jacob was realizing that Renesmee was his imprint.

I felt his affection. It made me happy. And I understood sorry, regret. That was how I felt when I hurt Bella. Jacob kissed my forehead and Rosalie made a low sound. "Settle down, Blondie. I'll never hurt this little girl. I won't let anything hurt her. She's my world now." His voice was husky and serious, full of emotion. He held me tighter.

Renesmee continues to explore the world (well, the world within the safe Cullen compound) and is learning and growing at a crazy rate every day. We see her physically change, as well as develop mentally. She learns tons of new words and even learns how to spell, all while Bella is silently burning away. Finally, Renesmee gets to see Bella and is excited to finally be with her Mama. We all know the story though, and soon Bella must get all mama bear aggressive with Jacob once she finds out about the imprint.

Eventually, things start to even out and the Cullen group enjoys their happy little life. Well, until all hell breaks loose and they learn that the Volturi are coming. This is where we really get to see Renesmee as a character. In Stephanie Meyer's story she was sorta just the center of the approaching fight, but in Kimmydonn's fanfic, you really see that Renesmee has developed feelings and thoughts. She is concerned, scared, and worried for her family. She realizes that they are actually in danger and is able to process the real possibility that they might not make it through this battle.

I love stories with POVs from other characters because it really gives you a chance to see a more developed character and get a connection with them that you might not ever have without the new POV. Reading Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer, I really didn't care much about Renesmee, but after reading this fanfic, I have a newly developed respect for the character that she is. Seriously, if you love stories that stay true to the original, Breaking Dawn Book 4 - Renesmee is for you. You will get a detailed account of how Renesmee fit in during the entire book. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!
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Oh wow! What a lovely review! Thank you so much, Mer. And thank you for choosing my story.

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