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The Feeder by @Lindsay520

The Feeder by lindsay520

Right off the bat I suppose I should issue a warning. This is a very AU story: there's blood-drinking and violence. That said, that's exactly why this fic works and exactly why I picked it.  It's new and different and I've never read a fic like it.

Edward and his family are blood-drinkers, but are still concerned with taking human lives. Their solution is to have what they call "feeders." One human who they feed off of, drinking only a little bit each time, for weeks to months at a time. This minimizes the number of humans who die at their hands. The major drawback to this is that they have to feed daily. So Edward keeps Bella handcuffed to his bed in a remote cabin in the woods so that she can't even try to escape and so that he can drink from her regularly.

It sounds pretty macabre, and I suppose it is, but it's also really compelling. 

One night, three weeks after Edward found (kidnapped) Bella, he comes home to feed. He allows her to get up from the bed, where she's been for hours it seems, to use the bathroom and move around for a minute. Then she does something even more self-sacrificing than canon Bella - she basically offers herself to him. She doesn't fight, doesn't even protest. She gets comfortable back on the bed and asks if Edward is ready.

Things progress from there - the bloodlust leads to good ol' fashioned regular lust and they end up making passionate love. It might start as needy, blood-fueled fucking, but the emotional impact it has on both of them, but especially Edward, is immense.

Their relationship changes and grows after that. Despite the fact that Bella is still Edward's feeder, she becomes much, much more. He gives a name to his feelings for her when she almost gets taken from him by another vampire.

There's probably a bit of Stockholm syndrome going on here, since Bella quickly and obviously develops feelings for Edward as well, but lindsay520 does a great job of explaining why Bella is attracted to Edward (aside from his vampire perfectness) so it's still believable.

One of the things I really enjoy about this story is that it is incredibly different from canon (for obvious reasons) but it manages to keep some canon themes and elements throughout. Believe it or not, Edward does struggle to keep Bella safe and alive even while he's feeding. Then there's the almost inevitable debate, once he recognizes his feelings, of what to do with Bella - let her grow old as a human or change her into a vampire. There's also the third option of keeping her as a feeder for longer; the danger there is that he could accidentally take too much and cause her death.

I have to say, as much as I love the canon and slightly AU stories, I really love it when an author takes Meyer's world and turns it on its end. This is exactly that kind of story and I can't recommend it enough.

Final warning: there is passing mention of Bella being raped, but it's never explicitly detailed and nor is it by Edward. It plays in to describing her character and how she got to be where she is, but it isn't a major plot theme. Just be aware that it's there if this is a trigger of yours.

And a note: Normally I'd include quotes or excerpts from the story in a review. This time, I honestly just couldn't decide what to include because it was either too much awesome or a spoiler. So just go read the story and find the quotes for yourself. :)

Thanks for reading!
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