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Monthly Reading List - August

Monthly Reading List

We think that anyone who has the guts to put their words out in this fandom deserves to be honored. That's why we do this post.

Send me Love by SweetestLady-2030: Each of us is looking for that Special Someone. Some of us find it, some of us don't. To Edward it happens under unusual circumstances when he expects it the least. Will he be able to step over the obstacles life has put in his way? EdwardxBella AH

Opposites Attract by love2read30: Bella celebrates her 30th birthday in a club where she meets Edward. She finds out he works in the adult entertainment industry as an actor. Will prude Bella go on this journey with Sexpert Edward? Rated M for Lemons. EdwardxBella AH

Don't Judge a Bella by Her Cover by jtmd24: Edward meets sweet, innocent Bella at a strip club one night. Or so he thinks. He may have just met his match. Rated M for language & lemons. EdwardxBella AH

How Can I Help You by sugunary: After years away, Bella Swan returns to a place she thought she left behind, and someone she wasn't sure wanted to see her, ever again. A story of how your life can change when you least expect it. AH, B/E, Em/R, A/J Not a cheating fic. EdwardxBella AH

Evermore Experience by deJean Smith: Bella Swan receives an invitation to the exclusive Evermore Experience, an in-depth immersion summer program where she plans to fully explore 19th century England, but fate has other plans for her once she arrives. A mostly AU story. EdwardxBella AU

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thanks for including SML! it means a lot to me.


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