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Miracles and Mischief by Esme Mom Cullen

Miracles and Mischief was voted not only the overall fan favorite in our Fornicatin' Father's Day Contest, but also a judge's pick and the Best Lemon. As the overall winner, not only does Esme Mom Cullen get banners and eternal bragging rights, but a full review of her story. We thought it was great and decided to make it our Pick of the Week this week.

Summary: What if Carlisle and Esme were granted the wish that was always out of reach? On Father's Day, Carlisle has a new reason to celebrate and revels in the delights of the changes in his wife.

I was more than a bit surprised (pleasantly!) that we got more than one canon entry in our Contest, and then extra thrilled that everything wasn't Bella and Edward. I do love our original OTP, but I have grown to appreciate (and sometimes favor) other pairings just for a change. Believe it or not, this is actually a canon oneshot wherein Esme and Carlisle become parents.

There's a lot of extra/new mythology in this story dealing with Nahuel and his familiy and the other South American vamps, along with a pretty incredible vampire gift, that leads to the miracle of Esme's pregnancy. One of my favorite bits of the story happens before they even discover she is pregnant:
Edward was tinkering at the piano, when he started laughing.
"What's so funny?" Bella called out in Portuguese before I could ask the question.
"I'm sorry. It's Esme. Her mind is wandering in a very strange fashion." He looked over at me. "Has she said anything about trying her hand at caricatures?"
"No, although I'm sure she would be very good at it."
"She's thinking about animated versions of the family. It's quite peculiar, and she seems to be focused on that and nothing else."

Carlisle goes upstairs to discover Esme isn't just thinking about caricatures - she's actually fallen asleep and is dreaming about them. The sleeping is the first of many symptoms that alert the rest of the Cullen clan that something isn't quite right. Carlisle seems to experience the epitome of utter befuddlement for a thankfully short period of time before a relative of Nahuel's, Khalida, shows up to explain. I won't give away the explanation because that's half the beauty of the story.

The other half is the absolutely reverent way in which Carlisle worships Esme in celebration of their first Father's Day together. It's sweet and endearing and comfortable, the way a couple should be after 60+ years together. At the same time, it's still refreshingly new.

I slid off the bed to start removing my clothes. As I began to unbutton my shirt, she sat up a little and called to me sweetly, "Do you want some help with that?"
"No, my love. Just relax." She required rest now. She couldn't make love for hours on end like before. Honestly, before we never had to stop, and there were times on her island when we had marathon sessions that lasted for days. I could never get enough of her, but now our time had to be limited. Her energy needed to be reserved. "Save your strength," I teased with a wink as I finished undressing.
She rolled her eyes at me, crossed her arms, bent her knees and pulled them up, and attempted to suppress a smirk. In a complete state of undress, I crawled from the end of the bed toward her knees and rested my chin on them and looked at her adorable face. She pressed her lips together, trying to suppress a laugh. Her attempt to look put out was very charming. I kissed both her knee caps, which must have been the secret password, because she slowly began to separate them. As her legs moved apart I trailed kisses down in between them until I reached those purple panties.
Be sure to check out our Interview with Esme Mom Cullen and then go give the story a read!
As always, thanks for reading!
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I love this story. I can't wait for more of it to be written, more to unfold. I love her writing style and how she thinks out of the box, but not too far out of the box to the point where it is unbelievable. I'm so excited about this story!

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