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Frequently Asked Questions

General Q & A

Do you have links to PDFs?
  • No. We only house links to active fanfiction.

I submitted the Add A Fic form hours ago. Why is it not listed yet?
  • When a form is submitted we have to verify that the information is correct before it is added to the database. Please allow 24 hours to process all submissions.

Why isn't fic 'ABCXYZ' on the database?
  • Punk & Peen started this collection with the fics listed in their FF.Net Favorites. The rest of the entries are up to the users. If you would like to see a fic added to the list, please fill out the Add A Fic form.

Author Q & A

I am an Author and my fic is listed incorrectly on the DataBase, how do I fix it?
  • Please complete the Author Changes form. We will handle it from there.

What is a TwiFic Pick of the Week?
  • A weekly post featuring a story that one of the staff have read and reviewed. The weekly post will cover an interview with the author, links to the story, and any graphics that go with the fic. The post will be tweeted three times a day for the 7 days. The week will run from Tuesday to Tuesday.

I am an Author and I would like my story to be featured as a TwiFic Pick of the Week?
  • We are accepting submissions at this time. Please fill out the form.

Tweeting Q & A

Why wasn't my favorite fic tweeted when I submitted the Add A Fic form?
  • At this time tweeting is not guaranteed. However you are more than welcome to tweet the info out to your followers. If you tweet the info and we don't retweet it, send us a friendly reminder and we'll try to get to it!

My Question isn't Listed

Please contact us with any other Questions. We will either email you the response or tweet the information needed.


I have a tremendous ff library over 1160 stories. I would love to share. They all have the authors who wrote them and tags. Don't know how this works exactly but again I would love to share.

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