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Surviving the Rain by wandb

Official Summary:
Extreme circumstances force Bella and Edward into an intense relationship amidst devastation, but will their foundation be enough to survive reality? AH. B/E. Rated M

The story immediately opens up to heartache and loss as we are first introduced to Bella Swan by witnessing an argument between her and her husband.

"I wasn't good enough for you?" I didn't want him to answer because I had the distinct feeling that I already knew what he was going to say.

"I loved you once and I'm sorry that it's come down to this, but I don't think we can go back from here. I wouldn't even know where to start. It's just been too long and so much has changed between us. I think once you calm down and think about it, you'll see that this is for the best."

"Don't say that. I don't want you to leave. Please don't leave me. How can you walk out on me after everything we've been through?" The words were barely comprehensible as I sobbed.

"I'm sorry. I have to go."

He turned on his heels, grabbed his bag and left. The door echoed as it slammed in our now empty house, reminding me of my solitude.

Edward is a writer lost in his own world and decides to make a life changing decision and help those in need in Guatemala. There he is immediately thrown into a world he knows nothing about and is introduced to Dr. Bella Swan.

She turned upon hearing Carlisle's voice and smiled sweetly. A blush crept onto her cheeks and she seemed shy. She was absolutely beautiful, probably in her early thirties. She had fair skin and deep brown eyes that lit up with her smile. She was very petite and looked as if a strong wind would blow her over.

"I'd like you to meet Edward," Carlisle said, motioning toward me. "He's been assigned to Emmett's team and I know you'll help him get settled. Edward, this is Dr. Bella Swan."

I stuck out my hand and she reciprocated. Her soft, delicate hand slipped into mine as she looked earnestly into my eyes. Her grip was firm and I was beginning to think my earlier assessment of her being fragile was incorrect. Her eyes bored into my mind and I felt as if she could see my thoughts by a simple look. There was strength to this woman and I found myself curious and intrigued.

"It's nice to meet you, Dr. Swan," I said. "You've got quite an operation here.

We watch as they deal with pain, hurt, confusion, happiness and a whole plethora of other emotions mixed it. Their story of building something in a far off place and trying to bring it back to the real world pulls at your heart strings.

For a dramatic whirlwind romance Surviving the Rain is a must read!

Author’s Interview:
What gave you the idea for this story?
This story was originally going to be about the game Survivor. I've always been fascinated by the idea of relationships getting established under extreme circumstances. People can become very close, very quickly. But then what happens when they come home? Do they still feel the same way about each other? After mulling it over, I decided the Survivor aspect might get a little gimicky, so I changed it to be about Guatemala Aid Workers.

Are their any FF authors that inspire you?
Definitely. I'm inspired by anything well written. Reading fanfic has made my writing better. In addition, there were a few authors when I first got started who really helped me. It's difficult as an unknown author to know how to get your name out, and having someone give me some guidance was invaluable.

What was your main inspiration for your lead characters?
I'm a big fan of strong Bellas, so you won't find any wimpy ones in my stories. I wanted this Bella to be strong and capable, but flawed. She has a lot of inner strength and courage, but her past haunts her. My Edwards tend to be really nice guys, and this one is probably my favorite of all the ones I've written. I wanted him to be kind and caring, but deeply affected and imprisoned by his own fame. Her strength helps him, and his kindness and understanding helps her.

What do you think it takes to make a fic special and stand out to a reader?
To me, it's all about the character development and source of tension. We all know that in order to have a good story, characters need to have some tension between them, so the stories that really suck me in are the ones that manage to make me root for the characters to overcome their obstacles. I need to know and like the characters in order to care about the outcome. Also, for me to get really engrossed, the conflicts need to be real and not contrived (i.e. no colossal misunderstandings that never get talked about.)

What do you find the hardest about writing this story?
Knowing how long to keep the characters apart. I went through several iterations before settling on the final version. I was always worried about it with each chapter I posted.

Why do you think people should read this story?
If anyone has read my fics, one thing you'll know is that I try to make my characters behave realistically. I think the characters in this fic are perfectly human. They make mistakes, but they also come together in really great ways. In addition, I think the international aspect of this fic makes it appealing. It's a humbling experience to see how the world lives, and I think this story captures that. It's a real human drama.

What cliches do you feel authors should avoid while writing fanfic?
The biggest pet peeve I have about fanfiction are the small misunderstandings that cause unrealistic reactions. People don't move across the country, disconnect their phones, and never talk to the person they love again because of one simple misunderstanding. It just doesn't work that way. That really bugs me in fics. Also, ridiculous lemons get in the way of a good story. I'm a big fan of lemons (as you'll see if you read my stuff), but 20 orgasms in one night and boners on command are a little overkill!

Do your RL friends and family know about your love and obsession with all things Twilight?
They know I'm like Twilight, but not that I write Fanfiction or just how deep my obsession goes. Only 1-2 real life friends know about my writing and even that makes me uncomfortable. If my stuff wasn't so lemony I might not care, but yeah...I don't need my friends knowing the extent of my perviness. LOL. My husband knows, but I won't let him read it.

Have you got any other projects going on?
Any planned for the future?
Yes! I'm finishing up a rewrite of my first fic, What Happens Now. The final chapters are going up this week. After that, I've got a new fic lined up. I'm already writing that one, and it should be up shortly after What Happens Now finishes.

Do you have anyone that you'd like to thank for helping and supporting you through this fic?
OMG, yes! My betas, Viola Cornuta and TwiHeart, first and foremost. They spend countless hours with me talking me off the ledge. I fretted so much about the plot and how to make this story work, and they were a GODSEND! Seriously! My pre-readers were amazing too. They were like cheerleaders, telling me everything would be okay and that I wouldn't be booed off stage. I couldn't have done this without them. Finally, I had a series of regular readers who reviewed every chapter. Knowing I had an audience who enjoyed the fic kept me going!

When you aren't writing which fics are you reading right now?
I just finished The Cullen Campaign by belladonna1472 and now I'm starting Take the Ice by bellamarie117. Plus, I have a ton of WIPs in my queue. They keep me busy!

How where you introduced to the fandom? Do you remember which FanFic was your first to read?
I was introduced into the fandom by some internet friends from a debate board I frequent - Starfish422, mozzer0906, and twiknitmom. We all loved Twilight, so we started reading FanFiction. Starfish was the one who inspired me to write my first fic because she had a WIP called Over the Top that she was writing at the time. The first fic I read was Wide Awake (shocker), but the The Submissive, The Arrangement, and The Office followed shortly behind it.

Is there any information that you would like to share that was not already covered?
My fanfiction profile has all the pictures for Surviving the Rain, including many from Guatemala. I think they really help the story, so please check them out as you read!

I'm really grateful to be featured. I hope you all enjoy the fic. Please do leave me some feedback - I read and respond to every review!

Thank you for reading!!
TwiFicDataBase Staff


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