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tHirTeEn by twolipps

Submitted By roon0
Official Summary:
In the aftermath of war, the Volturi have given Bella a choice-live as a vampire among the Guard, or die. What will she choose and will Jasper be willing to train her as a newborn and then give her up at the end of 13 short months? Vamp/Human OOC

Student Bella and her friends are discovered in the wrong place at the wrong time by the Volturi, who are meeting the Cullen's in the middle of the forest. Because of Bella's ability to block Aro she is given a choice-live, as a vampire among the Guard, or die. To ensure she is kept safe until handed over, Chelsea forges a mating bond between Jasper and Bella which neither are happy about. This story is amazing and funny. Bella is strong and snarky and has not qualms about needling Jasper. Jasper his hot and angry and has no qualms about needling her back. Fireworks are gogo. Add to the mix an evil Alice and Edward and you have bliss. Wonderful story, you should give it a go.


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