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Pick of the Week Guidelines

Pick of the Week Guidelines

The TwiFicDatabase Staff strives to encourage and promote new and upcoming fanfiction authors through its Picks of the Week. If you have a story that you think should be featured as a Pick of the Week, please read the guidelines and then fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

The Staff strives to use objective measures when reading potential Picks of the Week. We understand that enjoyment of a story is very subjective and, as such, have developed the following criteria which are used when evaluating potential Picks of the Week:
  • Is the story well-researched?
  • Does the author use proper grammar?
  • Is the story well-edited or is it difficult to read due to grammatical or spelling errors?
  • Does the story include subject matter that may be offensive to our readers? (This includes, but is not limited to, rape, abuse, self-mutilation, drug or alcohol abuse, etc.)
    • Note: Just because a story may contain potentially-offensive subject matter does not mean it will be automatically rejected.
In order to keep our list manageable, and in order to ensure that we get the greatest possible range of stories and authors, we ask that you submit only one entry per author at a time. If an author has multiple entries on the list, all will be removed. An author may have additional works featured as Picks of the Week once previous entries on our list have been reviewed.

At this time fans are not permitted to submit a story as a potential Pick of the Week.

We do not take rejections lightly. Before any submission is deemed ineligible as a Pick of the Week it is reviewed and discussed by at least two Staff members. If you believe that your story has been unfairly rejected, please contact the Staff. We would be happy to discuss our thought process with you.

Finally, we highly recommend using a “professional” Beta to all authors. A good Beta will not only read your work for grammar, syntax, and technical issues, but they will be a sounding-board for your creative ideas. Additionally, it is helpful to have someone impartial, who doesn’t know you, to review your writing. The volunteers over at Project Team Beta are dedicated to helping authors improve the quality of their writing, and will work with you on a story from start to finish. Additionally, if you have quick little questions and no Beta in sight, Emergency Beta Service is another great resource for you.

Author Resources:
**Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If the staff determines or is notified that a story has been plagiarized, and such a claim can be substantiated, it will be removed from the database and reported to the hosting website.**

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