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Big Thank Yous!!!

Have to say THANK YOU to two very awesome blogs!!!

WordyBitches wrote up a very awesome recommendation in their Sunday Selections post on May 22nd.  A huge hug and Thank You to MissMaj and all of her kind words!!  They have an awesome blog full of great Fic Recs and TRUTH!!  They aren't afraid to say what they want and bitch about what pisses us all off while reading a fic.  I almost pissed myself while reading the Major Turn-Offs post....the pics alone are worth the click!!!

Jasper's Darlins wrote about our Fornicatin' Father's Day O/S Contest.  BIG HUGE HUGS to @Agrutle.  We love her and her HUBBY @jaydogrut our judge for the best schmexy times fic submitted.  Hope you visit their site!!  GREAT Fic Recs!!

If you know of anywhere else we have been mentioned, PLEASE send us a link to the post.  We would love to say THANK YOU properly.



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