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Monthly Reading List - June

We think that anyone who has the guts to put their words out in this fandom deserves to be honored. That's why we do this post.

A Second Chance by ChloeCougarWhat if Bella could be given a second chance to meet and fall in love with Edward? What if this happened 60 years after he left her in order to keep her safe? Could Carlisle use his medical knowledge to help them? (Edward/Bella AU)
Beautiful Stranger by NJNYTwiGalsNewly divorced and single mom Bella decides it's time to let loose and have some fun at her friend's Halloween party. After an encounter with an alluring stranger, Bella's life turns upside down. AH-Cannon Couples. A one-shot turned multi-chapter. (Edward/Bella AH)
Loved & Lost by TwiLucy_UKEdward & Bella grew up together being the best of friends. Until Edward's 16th birthday when Bella left town. 10 years on, Bella comes back. Can they revive their friendship? Or is it too late? AH/AU EPOV. Rated M for language & eventual lemons. (Edward/Bella AH)
The Fragrant Taste of Rain by PavartiBella Swan moved to Forks to teach at the Reservation school in La Push. Despite recovering from a broken heart she enters into a passionate relationship with the mysteriously artistic Jacob Black. But in the end is he exactly what she'd always needed? (Jake/Bella AH)
Hands Open by Nikita2009Foul mouthed Bella temporarily moves to Los Angeles for Alice and Jasper's wedding where she meets Edward "Firecrotch" Cullen. Will these two romantically challenged people be able to get it together and realize they are perfect for eachother? (Edward/Bella AH)


Oh wow! Thank you so much for putting 'Beautiful Stranger' on your list! That means a lot to us!

Pauline & Holly

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