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Love in Idleness by twanza

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Bella Swan meets the perfect boy during her junior year, but when she finds out he's a freshman, and an evil mastermind, all hell breaks lose.

This story starts off like many of its kind: Forks High School, teens abound, puppy love. But within a few paragraphs you start getting the sense that this particular piece of gem is far and beyond its peers. Twanza is a veritable mistress with words and her sentences are just as addictive as the plot.

We see a 16 year old Bella mooning over a 14 year old Edward, which he reciprocates in leaps and bounds - in secret of course. You can't help but fall in love with the short, geeky, computer prodigy Edward with dental retainers to boot.
Please give this story a try. It will be worth your time.

Note from @ShehsaLesha
twanza is an exceptional author who has gifted us with the likes of Neverending Math Equation!! A wonderful story with both of my loves; geeky too smart for his own good Edward and tatted bad boy Jasper. I personally can not wait to start her newest Love in Idleness...


I love this writer's stories. Does anyone know what happened to this story?

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