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Lingering Shadows by mamasutra

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She married the man of her dreams,
but how will she find her happily ever after when she can't step away from a past that overshadows their life? How do you fight a ghost?
How do you outrun a phantom of perfection that you can never live up to?

Lingering Shadows by mamasutra is REALLY good.

Very few stories, and I mean very very few, can make me this emotional. The last one I recall was Emancipation Proclamation. In Lingering Shadows, things start off very mysteriously with Bella lying in a pool of her own blood and Edward going frantic. Not many clues are given in the prologue. Then the story goes back into the past, opening with Bella at her grandmother's funeral with a little hint of her encountering a grief stricken Edward attending his wife's funeral service at the same place. There's so much promise in there that I can hardly wait to find out how things will unfold.


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